What Is a Managed Security Service?


A managed security service is a service that takes care of several cybersecurity-related tasks, such as detecting breaches and minimizing damage. This includes monitoring the company’s systems continuously, patching software and resetting hardware. It also involves monitoring suspicious activity and analyzing logs in order to ensure that data is secure from cyberattacks. MSSPs are third party providers who can provide more advanced capabilities than a team in-house. They can assist businesses improve their cybersecurity capabilities and save money by not requiring full-time staff. They can also decrease the risk of stress and fatigue within internal teams by automating incident response.

The most well-managed security providers can detect and respond to threats early, before they can cause major damage to the organization. They do this by continuously monitoring the behavior of malware and hackers to detect patterns. These insights are used to protect vulnerable parts of a network and to identify potential attacks. This will help to prevent or at least limit the effects of a security breach and ensure that stolen data can be recovered.

It is important to choose an experienced security service that has a customized program to your specific business. Ask prospective vendors about the services they offer and the price they charge for them and what kind of guarantees are included. For instance, some businesses offer a flat fee for their security audits; others have a tiered system which means that certain quantities of data are free and higher volumes are charged a premium. It is important to know what’s included in your monthly or yearly subscription to an MSSP.

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