The Latest in Boardroom Technology

Boardroom technology is meeting equipment which facilitates collaboration and meetings. A traditional conference space consists of the boardroom, a television or projector, and whiteboards. Modern boardrooms are evolving, featuring high-tech furniture as well as interactive conferencing solutions.

While it may appear that the latest boardroom tech is an additional distraction for employees, it actually serves to improve productivity and collaboration between teams. We’ve highlighted some of the latest technologies that you can incorporate into your conference rooms to improve efficiency and speed up meetings.

A digital boardroom can digitize your entire meeting process. This includes storing all board documents on a single platform, which directors can access during virtual meetings. This allows directors to prepare for meetings, and also provides a forum for critical organizational concerns and thoughts.

In addition, an integrated digital whiteboard provides your team a more collaborative experience. It comes with powerful features such as easy sharing of content, HD video conferencing, sharp touch screen technology and customizing apps. You can even connect your meeting space to an Dialpad + Miro integration that offers real-time hybrid working. This feature is ideal for huddle rooms that need more flexibility than traditional conference room presentations. It also reduces the clutter and require multiple cables and adapters, by making it possible to use a wireless system for presentations that doesn’t require a cable connection.

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